Many reasons not to deal/trade with Gun (and history of his many pardons, vaders)

This is a warning post for the ignorant and the foolish. @Gun is one of the most dangerous Sythe users to trade and interact with. Over the years, @Gun, most recently formerly known as “Gun Is God” has ban evaded and pardoned as a result of his countless verified scams in the past.
When I started out on Sythe in 2008, Gun (at the time known as “Sunkist”) scammed me for one of my RS accounts. It wasn’t until six years later where he confessed to his crime, only to serve his self-interest, and paid me back as an attempt to pardon.
recently reported him for allegedly (unproven) not returning $30 he was lent, but unfortunately I made the mistake of thinking he was a decent human, since no one pointed out the depth of his scummy behavior, and did not request a PM. I didn’t think he would do anything with $30 after all the trouble he has gone through to pardon. Of course this recent case doesn’t matter, but all of the cases below where he was found guilty do matter, even if the staff of this site actively protect him to hide his past.
Please remember, the pardon system on allows scammers to come back with a clean slate, so it’s your responsibility to check their past if you wish, before trading with them. This thread is here to serve as a compilation of this history.

Gun’s Pardons

Gun’s Vaders

Gun has used many aliases throughout his near-decade of previously scamming. Some are listed below.

@Gun@tnt kicker@Sunkist@D15C@us3r s3rv1c3s@war with you@i r da noob@tyler | clam@l00kwhoshere@Locos Tacos@JamicanFlong@iaceyi@Ty l e r@condawg69@oops u fail@DEADLY TNT@J3rk My Zerk@T1tz errr GtFo@tomylaz@creepy153@l v o i d l@Kid Trank Jr@Reese’sâ„¢@7 e r r o r@Leet Capes@TNW@Cape Sales@Teh Jad Slayer@IBOOSTINMW2@Timmybob@Fiuhhh Capes@Buying@TW’s Pin Sales@twendell@ThePinSalesman@anul

The Previous Scams/Bans of Gun

Other Links

Has He Changed?

@Gun is still making pardons as recently as 2018 as he continues to find he had previous scammed more people than the thought: Gun’s Pardon. Obviously the Sythe staff believe he has as they pardoned him, but this quote says it best.

pardons only a few days later claiming he's changed and is a good person (he later admitted scamming this person months later in another pardon where he yet again claimed he had changed and was a good person
@Yousuckv2 has many threads that go in depth as to why Gun will most likely never be reformed, and he’s constantly excluded information from pardons. This is a good read: Gun Is God Major Scammer/Liar
@Shin, a current admin on Sythe, made this thread compiling information, which most of my thread is based on: Gun’s Public Investigation
@video is another current admin on Sythe, that @Gun has claimed he owed money to (sold an account) and they appear to be friends. This may or may not explain why @Gun is still here.
Please remember the staff decided that this person, who potentially scammed over 20+ times should be allowed back on the site with a clean slate. These are just the recorded cases, and there may or may not be more. Even @Gun himself could not find all the cases where he scammed until other people did the work for him and found more of his vader accounts and reports.

Final Note: I am not accusing Gun of currently scamming people or being a scammer. Based on evidence, he has definitely defrauded people in the past, so I recommend you take this information into account when dealing with him. Sorry for any duplicate links or errors. Reply to this thread to discuss or add more information.